Dr. Safia Dealing With :

  1. Pregnant ladies who need follow up through out their pregnancy, whether of low risk with no diseases or of high risk pregnancy with diseases or abnormal pregnancy and their delivery.

  2. Gynecology diseases of women from child bearing age, reproductive age group, till menopausal period. 

  3. Ladies with Infertility and inability to conceive, where the treatment range between simple ovarian stimulation, intrauterine insamination (IUI) to invetrofertilization (IVF). 

  4. Out-patient hysteroscopic diagnosis of ladies with infertility, uterine bleeding, small polyps and myoma, adhesions, vagino-uterine septum, missed intra-cavitary loop, cervical stenosis.

  5. Operative Hysteroscopic intra-cavitary uterine big polyp and myoma removal, releasing cervical and intrauterine adhesions, removal of uterine septum. ostia tubal ligation. 

  6. Laparoscopic management of ladies with infertility diagnosis, ectopic pregnancy, and adnexal torsion, ovarian cysts, myoma, missed intra-abdominal loop, removal of diseased uterus and diseased adnexa. 

Gyne Endoscopy